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Baby Room Decor for Grown Ups

Although we still have to clean out all my art junk, paint, and assemble all the furniture for the baby room, I'm already thinking about the small details that will bring the space together. I'm not a huge fan of the typical baby decor either: cartoon prints, pastel pinks and blues, teddy bears galore- just aren't for me. Who determined that these things are the norm anyway? Let's be honest- a baby could care less about what his or her room looks like, so why not make it a space that suits your own taste?

I have always been drawn to tertiary color palettes and natural elements, which I believe translate well in a nursery. From a reclaimed wooden wall hanging to a colorful leather mobile to a sparrow pillow to a landscape print, any and all of these items have a place in my baby's room!
Reclaimed Wood Art / Leather Mobile / Sparrow Pillow / Lakeside Painting
“All tastes are expressions of belief.” -Zadie Smith

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Your mom said...

That mobile matches my kitchen tile! Forget the nursery ;)