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My Dream (Ikea Hack) Sofa

Over Christmas, our sneaky-as-can-be Golden Retriever decided that in our absence, our cream colored sofa would now serve as her personal daybed. When I came home and discovered this, I washed the covers and expected everything to go on as normal. Unfortunately, an undeniable funky smell has developed within one of the cushions that no amount of Febreeze and pet stain cleaner can extinguish. Great. 

The upside to our predicament is that we've been thinking about getting a new, larger sofa for a while now. Unfortunately, almost everything I like is waaaay too expensive.  Like most budget-conscious but aesthetically-minded people, I've been seeking the best of both worlds and scoping out Ikea's seating selection. With the new Isunda gray cover, the Karlstad sectional fits the bill for most of what we want.
Still, the square legs and plain cushions are king of meh, so yesterday I Googled "legs for Ikea sofa" and suddenly a whole new DIY world appeared before me. First, I found suggestions for retrofitting new mid century legs (like these from Uncle Bob's Workshop), and upon further research, I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to stylize a sofa with tufted cushions via Honey Badger Home. The Isunda gray Karlstad with mid century legs and tufted cushions? Yes, please! 
“The Devil is in the details, but so is salvation.” -Hyman G. Rickover


misscandice said...

Great work! Your new Ikea sofa looks nothing like your old Ikea sofa. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

What legs did you end up using? Thanks!

Ali said...

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